Hailsham, Polegate and Eastbourne Transport Corridor

A set of proposals has been developed to minimise predicted traffic congestion in the Eastbourne and South Wealden areas, likely as a result of increased housing and commercial development in the future.

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The first stage of the consultation process finished on 10 November 2017. Your views are very important and will help us to decide how the proposals should be taken forward.

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Why is it necessary?

Demand is increasing for new housing and commercial development in the South Wealden and Eastbourne areas, creating the potential for increased levels of traffic.

This development is necessary to satisfy the demand for suitable housing and for the continued growth of the local economy, but it is important to understand how it may affect the existing transport network.

East Sussex County Council has identified a number of locations which may become more heavily congested as a result of increased road traffic from new developments. We have examined a number of measures that could minimise this likely increase in congestion.

These measures include junction improvements, construction of bus lanes and cycle routes and improvements to bus stops and footways. The primary objective of these improvements is to provide alternative transport choices without disadvantaging other road users. By making sustainable transport more attractive, we hope to minimise the expected increase in congestion.