Newhaven Port Access Road

3. Scheme Details

What route does the road take?

The first phase of the road up to the Pargut roundabout was completed by a developer in 2015. East Sussex County Council are now looking to complete the route with a bridge over the Newhaven – Seaford railway line and Mill Creek taking the road into Port land to the south, and ultimately linking into the East Quay area.

The scheme is 700m of single carriageway road, with an adjacent footway/cycleway.

The new road rises on an embankment from the Pargut Roundabout and crosses the Newhaven to Seaford Railway line and Mill Creek on a new 120m long 3-span bridge terminating at a new Port roundabout just south of Mill Creek.

Site Plan Drg 5A928/13/2

Bridge DRG – 5A928/102/1

Why do we need a bridge?

Various alternative routes have been looked at for the road over the years, but none deliver the full benefits that the approved scheme does. The suggestion to route the road north of the railway is one of the alternatives that has been considered, however that would still bring traffic out onto Beach Road. Although this was proposed in the early days of the scheme, it was always intended in addition to the full Newhaven Port Access Road, not as an alternative to it.

This route would still require significant earthworks to overcome the Pargut Flood Bank and would likely require the demolition of some existing industrial units. Additionally Port traffic would still have to cross level crossings to gain access over the railway. Nationally, Network Rail are increasingly looking to close level crossings, or limit their use. The approved route for the road avoids any level crossings and bypasses the residential area completely. Furthermore, the parcel of land over which that suggested northern route would cross is an allocated site for development, so to re-route the Newhaven Port Access Road through there would also restrict the development potential of that site.

What environment mitigation will be undertaken?

The planning permission’s fully considered all the impacts of the scheme, including the visual impacts from the surrounding areas. Environmental mitigation for the effects of the road was provided within the Ouse Valley project that was completed some years ago. However recognising the passage of time we instructed ecologists to look at whether any further mitigation measures are now appropriate.

A package of ecological surveys has been carried out to understand the biodiversity of the area, and to ensure that all necessary measures are being taken to protect the various species that are present.

The scheme includes a new cycleway/footway alongside the new road which will link up with existing footpaths in the area both north and south of Mill Creek to provide new circular routes. Landscaping will also be provided to screen the traffic from view.

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