Newhaven Port Access Road

1. History of the Scheme

What is the scheme’s history and when did it get Planning Permission?

In June 1994, the County Council’s Highways and Transportation Committee approved four route options for the Eastside Distributor Road (as the Newhaven Port Access Road was then known) for consultation. These options comprised an eastern and central alignment for the distributor road, together with two locations for a link between the distributor road and Beach Road. Following public consultation, in December 1994 the Committee resolved to approve the eastern alignment as the route for the Eastside Distributor Road. It should be noted that the northern and southern links to Beach Road were proposed in addition to the Eastside Distributor Road, not as an alternative to it.

Planning permission for the Newhaven Port Access Road was first granted in 1996. The planning permission was then renewed in 2002 and 2007, when construction started but was not completed. The only outstanding planning matter relates to approval of a condition pertaining to the detail of the railway bridge, the general form of which has already been approved in principle. The 2007 planning permission remains extant and the County Council are now looking to complete the scheme to those approved details.

What is the Policy Context for the scheme?

Regardless of the length of time since Planning Permission was granted, delivery of the road is also supported by the Lewes District Joint Core Strategy, which was adopted by both Lewes District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority in 2016. This Strategy was fully consulted upon, including public exhibitions in Newhaven Town Centre, and meetings with key stakeholders as well as an Examination in Public.

The Newhaven Port Access Road also features in East Sussex County Council’s Implementation Plan 2016-2021 for our third Local Transport Plan, which again was subject to a comprehensive public and stakeholder consultation in late 2015.

The Newhaven Enterprise Zone (EZ), made up of eight individual sites that together cover approximately 79 hectares, came into effect in April 2017. The delivery of the Newhaven Port Access Road is integral to the delivery of the EZ, and will help the viability of commercial and housing development sites in the Newhaven area.

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