Traffic calming

What is traffic calming?

We use the phrase traffic calming to describe the different ways of slowing down traffic or even encouraging drivers to use roads that are more suitable. This can make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists and can improve the quality of life for residents.

Traffic calming is usually a mix of measures along a road that helps drivers choose an appropriate speed for the area.

How we decide where to put traffic calming

We need to make sure that the schemes that will bring the most benefits to our local communities are our highest priority.

We review all requests for local transport improvements like new pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, cycle lanes or footpaths to see how well they help us meet our main objectives. These are to:

  • Improve the economy
  • Improve public safety and health
  • Tackle climate change
  • Improve access to employment, education, health facilities and other services
  • Improve quality of life

You will find more information about our priorities and main objectives in our Local Transport Plan

The Lead Member for Transport and Environment approves a planned programme of local transport improvements each year. You can find details of the latest programme in the papers for the Lead Member for Transport and Environment meeting – 19 March 2018.

Contact us

For more information about traffic calming, please contact:

Transport Planning
County Hall,
St Anne’s Crescent,
East Sussex BN7 1UE

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