Speeding – what we are doing

We are tackling speeding across East Sussex by:

  • working with Sussex Police to support community speed watch schemes (including helping meet the cost of hand-held laser speed guns)
  • using speed-reactive signs that automatically warn drivers if they are breaking the limit
  • making more mobile speed indication devices (SIDs) available for parishes. These display the speed of oncoming vehicles and alert drivers who are over the speed limit.
  • assessing roads for the possible reduction of speed limits.
  • promoting walking, cycling and public transport, to reduce the amount of traffic on the road
  • delivering National Speed Awareness courses (NSAC) for drivers who have been detected travelling slightly over the speed limit and Safe and Considerate Driving courses (SCD) to retrain drivers who have been involved in a minor collision, where the driving is careless or inconsiderate.

Safety camera locations are listed on the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership website.

Group with Speed Gun
Group with Speed Gun

How can communities help?

Several community groups have been set up across East Sussex. They include representatives from the local school, parents, the parish council, the Road Safety Team and Sussex Police. Their aims are to:

  • involve the community and schools
  • raise awareness of the dangers of speeding
  • encourage drivers to slow down and belt up
  • encourage drivers in the community to make the commitment to ‘kill their speed’
  • reduce casualties caused by speeding.

What does a community working group do?

The working group organises and provides helpers for:

  • a poster competition in the local primary school with the best posters displayed around the area
  • a speed-gun project with schoolchildren
  • speed indicator displays with operators to alert speeding drivers
  • SpeedWatch marshals – local villagers monitoring speed, seatbelt wearing and mobile phone use
  • speed and seatbelt enforcement by Sussex Police.

If you would like to form a community working group, please contact us and select ‘Roads’ when choosing who to send to.