Road casualties in East Sussex

Detailed information on road crashes in Sussex are published by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership on their Data Portal where you can produce charts and trend information or see a map of crashes in your local area. You will find up to date information on the number of crashes and casualties in East Sussex on their website.

Our over-riding aim is to reduce the number of road casualties, first and foremost because of the human cost of crashes. They also have a significant impact on public services provided by the County Council and partners, including the health service, police, ambulance and fire and rescue services. Our approach to road safety is set out in chapter 4 of Local Transport Plan 3, 2011 to 2026.

As well as our efforts to improve the road network, we are also working with our partners to improve driver behaviour. This will address the issue of driver error and distraction which evidence shows are key factors in many road casualties.

Our priorities and targets are set out in the Council Plan and you can see information on how well we are doing in the Council Plan progress reports.

For more information on any aspect of our work, please contact us and select ‘Roads’ when choosing who to send to.