Road safety improvements

Signs and road markings


Report problems with existing signs and road markings at East Sussex Highways – report road lines or signs.

This is for signs and markings that:

  • have gone missing or fallen off
  • need cleaning, are broken or faded
  • are obscured by foliage.

Requests for new signs and road markings

All traffic signs and road markings that are permitted for use on the public highway are strictly governed by national legislation to ensure consistency across the country. Requests for new signs and road markings that are covered by this legislation will be assessed by the Road Safety Team. This will include on site assessments and may include analysis of the existing personal injury crash record.


Speed limit signs
See Dangerous and antisocial driving.

One-way traffic
Introducing one-way traffic flow along a road can have a negative effect on road safety. Drivers will often increase their speed, knowing they will not meet oncoming traffic.

No through roads
Street nameplates with a ‘no through road’ symbol may be provided by your local district or borough council.

Give Way or junction markings
These are rarely used in residential areas as traffic is usually local drivers travelling at low speed.

Brown tourist signs
See: East Sussex Highways – Requesting new signs.

Double white lines
There is a nationally agreed procedure for using double white lines. We would only consider introducing them if Sussex Police reported an increase in crashes involving overtaking.

‘Deer crossing’ posters
See Be deer Aware.

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