Antisocial driving

Speeding and speed limits

Report road users breaking the speed limit to Sussex Police using Operation Crackdown.

Setting speed limits

Local authorities can vary speed limits for the roads they control. We follow government guidance and legislation when deciding where and how to make changes to speed limits.


Where limit should apply


Streets that are mostly residential or those with high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists, eg around schools, shops, playgrounds etc, where vehicles are not the main road users.


Other built-up areas with development on both sides of the road.


On some suburban roads or on the outskirts of urban areas where there is little development or properties set back from the road, with few cyclists, pedestrians or horse-riders.


Rural roads, dual carriageways or bypasses that have limited frontage development or are only partially built-up.

See also: GOV.UK – Setting local speed limits.

Changes to speed limits

Appropriate speed limits are an important road safety tool, but speed limit signs will not always stop drivers from breaking the limit. Where a road has no specific speed limit, it is subject to the national speed limit. Drivers must take into account the conditions of the road and any potential hazards. Introducing a speed limit is unlikely to change the behaviour of the small percentage of irresponsible drivers.

All requests to change speed limits are assessed by the Road Safety team, see: Road safety improvements – how we decide.

30mph ‘repeater’ signs

Street lights usually mean the speed limit is 30mph, unless there are signs showing otherwise. The law does not allow us to put 30mph signs on these roads.

Temporary speed limit posters may be available from your Town or Parish council, see How your community can help.

Speed cameras

Speed camera management and locations are decided by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP).

Speed limits outside schools

We have a priority list of schools that have been approved for a reduction in speed limit on nearby roads. Any new requests will be assessed by the Road Safety team, see: Road safety improvements – how we decide.

Vehicle Activated Signs (VASs)

Requests for Vehicle Activated Signs are assessed by the Road Safety team (as above). We can only put VAS at locations where there have been a number of speed-related crashes and conventional signs have not been effective.

Speed limit sign maintenance

Report problems with existing signs and lines at East Sussex Highways – report road lines or signs.

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