Highways Policies, Strategies and Plans

1. Highway Policy Overview

East Sussex County Council recognises the vital role played by the local highway network and is committed to ensuring that it has the best highway network for the investment available.

You can read an overview of what we plan to achieve and how we hope to achieve it through our third Local Transport Plan.

Highway Policies

Details of our highway policies, plans and strategies can be found under the relevant title at the top of the page.

Many of the tasks carried out by East Sussex Highways are statutory duties or powers defined by national legislation. The highway policies set out the County Council’s position where local discretion is permitted in how duties or powers are applied, or in areas for which there is no legislation.

They are informed and supported by national guidance and Codes of Practice. We are currently in the process of implementing the new Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure: A Code of Practice, with the view to adopt the code by the end of 2018.

The policies also support and enable the delivery of the East Sussex Council Plan and Priorities, and the Local Transport Plan.

Review cycle

The policies are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that they reflect the latest legislation, national guidance and best practice, and to take account of continuing feedback and changes in working practices.

We welcome any feedback you may have.

If you have any questions or comments about our policies or would like to request a printed copy, please get in touch.

2. Communication Policy

We will openly engage and listen to local communities to help shape the highway services we deliver. We will keep our customers informed of activities on the highway network and manage expectations about the services we can deliver. We will also provide clear, accurate and reliable information in a timely way, developing positive relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

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Customer Care standards and how to contact us

Giving feedback and our complaints procedure

3. Highway maintenance Policies

We apply an asset management approach to the management of highway infrastructure assets such as roads, footways and street lights.

We prioritise routine inspection and maintenance frequencies, as well as capital investment schemes using a structured risk based approach, maximising value for money.

We have a regular programme of cyclical maintenance activities including gulley emptying, ditching, siding, weed control, grass cutting and cleansing, which help us to protect the structural integrity of highway infrastructure assets.


Contact us to request a printed copy of these policies.

Highway Asset Management Policy

Highway Asset Management Strategy

Highway Drainage Policy

Highway Verges and Vegetation Policy

Maintenance of Footways – materials

Street lighting Policy

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4. Safety and Serviceability Policies

We follow a risk based regime of inspection, surveying and recording that allows us to assess the condition of the highway and proactively deliver repairs to the network within appropriate timescales.


Contact us to request a printed copy of these policies.

Highway Asset Inspection Guidance Document

Highway Skid Resistance

Highway Claims

Technical Approval of Highway Structures

Noise Regulations 1975- Discretionary Aspects

Passively Safe Sign Posts

Find out more about other Road Safety measures such as traffic calming and cycle training

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5. Network Management and Improvement Policies

We consider our Highway Network as an integrated set of assets when managing the network and developing highway maintenance policies and plans.

The needs of all road users, particularly vulnerable users, will be a key consideration in managing and planning for highway maintenance, along with the potential to add value to other elements of local transport policy and strategy wherever possible.


Contact us to request a printed copy of these policies.

The Network of Roads

Development and delivery of the capital programme of local transport improvements

Provision of Passing Places

Provision of Lay-Bys

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders for Bodies other than the Highway Authority

Control of Heavy Goods Vehicles

For policies on adoptions, design guidance and construction specifications for developers, see our Transport Development Control pages

More on network management and improvement

Find out more about the highway network including boundaries and which roads we are responsible for maintaining.

Find out more about how we prioritise and fund transport infrastructure and initiatives

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6. Licensing and enforcement Policies

We have a duty to control the obstruction of the highway so as to minimise the inconvenience and danger to users.

We can issues licences for a variety of items in the highway such as posters, A-boards, skips etc. and can remove unauthorised obstructions on the roads or pavements that we are responsible for.


Contact us to request a printed copy of these policies.

South East Permit Scheme for Roadworks and Streetworks

Disabled Parking Bays

Temporary Event Signing

Banners across the highway

Obstructions on the highway

Permission to trade on the highway

Posts on highway verges

Roadside sponsorship

Roadside memorials and tributes

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7. Emergencies and network resilience Policies

We recognise the impact that emergency events such as extreme weather can have on highway assets and on economic growth within the County.

We will consider how various emergency events such as intense or prolonged rainfall, hotter temperatures and higher wind speed will impact on the type of highway assets we manage, the likelihood of these events occurring and the response that is required to ensure that the highway network is safe for its users.

The Council will provide a Winter Service that, as far as is reasonably practicable, keeps congestion, delays and incidents to a minimum. An annual Winter Service Plan will be published that details the County’s approach to maintaining the network in winter.

Our Winter Service Plan.

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8. Parking Policies

Our parking guides set out where, when and how parking is enforced in East Sussex.

Policy on the provision of disabled parking bays

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