Potholes usually occur when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly, causing the surface to break up. They appear more frequently in late winter and early spring.

Report a pothole

What we do

We inspect every road in East Sussex at least once a year but potholes can form quickly. When a pothole is reported to us we send one of our Highway Stewards to inspect the area as soon as possible and arrange repairs as necessary.

See further information and pothole FAQs on the East Sussex Highways website.

Pothole Action Fund 2017/18

East Sussex County Council was awarded £846,000 and an additional £589,369 by the Department of Transport as part of its share of the Government’s Pothole Action Fund during 2017/18.

The County Council has spent its allocation on preventative surfacing and patching works to stop the formation of potholes across the County.

Details of where these works have been carried out can be found in the attachment below:

DfT Pothole Action Fund Report March 2018

National Productivity Investment Fund 2017/18

The National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) was announced as part of the Government’s 2016 Autumn statement.

In mid-January 2017 the Department for Transport (DfT) allocated a proportion of the available NPIF funding to Local Transport Authorities.

East Sussex County Council has been allocated £2.133 million to spend on transport schemes in the County in 2017/18. Schemes identified for NPIF funding will be in addition to any planned maintenance or programmes for 2017/18, and will also fulfill one or more of the following outlined objectives:

  • Ease congestion and provide upgrades on important national, regional and local roads;
  • Unlock economic job creation opportunities; and
  • Enable delivery of vital new housing development to meet the needs of a generation of would-be home owners.

We are currently in the process of finalising our schemes for 2017/18 and an update will be provided once this is complete.