How potholes form

Potholes usually occur when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly, causing the surface to break up. They appear more frequently in late winter and early spring.

What we do

We inspect every road in East Sussex at least once a year but potholes can form quickly.

Report a pothole

You can report a pothole using our online reporting system.

What we need to know

When reporting a pothole please be as detailed as you can in your description. Let us know:

  • Where is it? (road name, town, nearby landmarks or house numbers)
  • How big is it? E.g. golf ball, tennis ball or football sized (please only measure if safe to do so)
  • Your contact details – in case we need more information.

What you can expect

When a pothole is reported to us we send one of our Highway Stewards to inspect the area as soon as possible and arrange repair.

Our response times for repair once the pothole has been classified by the Highways Steward are listed below:

More than 100mm deep and at least 300mm wide – two hours

60mm to 99mm deep and at least 300mm wide – five days

40mm – 59mm deep and at least 300mm wide – 28 days