Street lighting

Report a faulty street light online – please provide the location of the street light and if possible give the number (usually found on the side facing the road) and a description of the fault, for example light off at night, light on in daytime, vandalism.

In office hours you can also phone: 0345 60 80 193.

Report a fault

Maintenance and repair targets

We aim to:

  • repair faults within ten working days of being reported (excluding UKPN Network faults)
  • carry out emergency work within one hour of the fault being reported.

We maintain more than 40,000 street lights and illuminated signs. Some street lights are the responsibility of the Highways Agency and local district or borough councils. Street lights and illuminated traffic signs are regularly maintained and inspected, including:

  • patrols (at night) – monthly
  • inspections, tests and cleaning every six years

We design and install new lighting schemes when lighting columns have reached the end of their serviceable life, to help reduce the risk of night-time accidents and improve public safety.

Changes to street lighting

To save money and reduce our carbon emissions, we are changing our older yellow street lights to LED lights, or have turned off some street lights at night, reduced the number of lights in some streets and dimmed others between midnight and the early hours. For details, see our page about changes to street lighting.

Conservation areas

Old or damaged street lights are usually replaced with standard street lights, depending on the category of the road. If the road is in a sensitive or conservation area, we ask other local councils to help with extra costs for non-standard street lights. If no funds are available, standard lighting is installed.

Standard street light columns in sensitive or conservation areas are repainted every ten years. Standard columns are not painted.

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