Railcards for older or disabled people

Minimum fares and time restrictions apply to some Railcards. Check before you buy the Railcard or any tickets using it. Railcards are usually issued alongside a photocard – both of these must be shown when buying a discounted ticket and when travelling.

Disabled Persons Railcard

Discounts on most standard or first-class tickets for yourself and a companion. It costs £20 for a one-year card or £54 for a three-year card.

You may qualify for a card if you:

  • receive disability-related benefits
  • are registered as deaf or use a hearing aid
  • are registered as visually impaired
  • have epilepsy.

Senior Railcard

A Senior Railcard (for people aged 60 and over) costs £30 for one year and £70 for three years (online only).

You may qualify for a card if you:

  • are over 60
  • have a valid passport or driver’s license.

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