Bus pass not working

Your National Bus Pass has been refused by the ticket machine because it has been cancelled or it is damaged. The driver may have advised you to contact us. Please use the below button to apply for a FREE replacement bus pass now.

Apply for a free replacement bus pass

National Bus Passes can be cancelled electronically. This is known as hot listing. Once this has happened, the National Bus Pass is no longer valid for free travel.

Your National Bus Pass has stopped working for one of these reasons:

  • because the pass was reported as lost or stolen. Do you have the new pass at home or in another bag or wallet?
  • because your local Council wrote to you about your pass and the letter was returned by Royal Mail. Have you changed address recently?
  • because your local Council wrote to you asking for up to date proof of eligibility or asking for you to return the pass. Do you need to confirm your eligibility?
  • your pass is damaged, split or broken it will not be recognised by the ticket machine and you will need to apply for a replacement.
Two expired bus passes with message 'Bus pass not working'.