About community transport

Community transport provides services in areas where either:

  • there is no public transport or
  • existing public transport cannot be used, for example because of limited wheelchair access.

Community transport is non-profit and is developed by local people to serve their needs. Services may be provided by different vehicles, depending on needs of the community. Most do not run to a timetable, but respond to requests when they are made.

There are currently more than 40 community transport schemes operating in East Sussex. Typical destinations include hospitals and doctors surgeries, shopping centres, workplaces and places of entertainment.

Who can use community transport?

Community transport can be used by everyone in the community.

Some operators only carry selected groups, but you should contact operators in your area to see if you could use the service.

Fares and concessionary passes

Each transport operator sets their own fares. These are usually based on either distance or a travel zone and whether a single or return journey is required.

Some operators may offer Concessionary Travel pass holders a reduced fare, but you should always check with them before your journey.

What is East Sussex County Council's role?

We work in partnership with a range of organisations including Primary Care Trusts, local people, community groups and operators to ensure that community transport schemes meet local needs.

We provide advice and support wherever possible, but the focus and control of these services remains with the local community.