Timetables, maps and real time information

Interactive map

Our interactive Bus Map has information on services in East Sussex including their timetables.

We’re sorry that this map is not accessible to people who use screen reading software. For accessible bus timetables, please use Traveline below.

Traveline journey information

The best way to check timetables for the whole of East Sussex is to use Traveline.info. They provide journey information throughout the UK.

You can also call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 between 7am and 10pm seven days a week (except Christmas Day). Calls charges will apply. The call-centre agents only have access to the same information as their websites.

Real time stop information

  • Access to live bus times is now available for the above services through Traveline or by texting the SMS code for your stop to 84268.

For more information about real-time in East Sussex please see the real time information page.

East Sussex bus operators

You can also check timetables directly with the bus operating companies that serve in your area.

Change to services

For details about the latest updates, see changes to bus services.

Bad weather updates

For the most up to date information about East Sussex transport services affected by the bad weather, visit:

Part of the East Sussex bus network map