Parking on School Keep Clear Markings

Parking outside schools at drop off and pick up times is always very busy and drivers are often tempted to stop in places that they would not usually, sometimes this includes on the school keep clear markings. These markings are placed outside schools to improve safety for pedestrians and it is crucial that these are kept clear of vehicles.

To tackle this safety concern, from 5 September 2017 we will be changing the way we issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles that stop on the keep clear markings. If the vehicle is driven away before the PCN is placed on the vehicle or handed to the driver, it will be sent to the owner or keeper of the vehicle by post. A PCN that is issued in this way is called a Regulation 10 or postal PCN. Managing school keep clear markings in this way will allow civil enforcement officers to carry out enforcement of this restriction more efficiently.

This new approach was agreed at a Lead Member for Transport and Environment meeting in March and only applies in our civil parking enforcement areas. Details of the meeting and report can be viewed on the East Sussex County Council website, item number 31.

If you receive a PCN through the post for parking on a school keep clear marking, information about how to pay or make representations against it are included on the notice, or see Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).