Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets)


There are some temporary changes to parking during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, for more information see: Temporary changes to parking controls

We have started installing lines and Signs in Rother as part of implementing a Civil Parking Enforcement scheme. See Rother Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) scheme for updates.

What happens if I challenge a PCN and it is not cancelled?

If we decide not to cancel your PCN you have two options, to pay or make formal representations. In some cases we may ask for additional evidence, if this is the case our reply will detail what you need to do.

We will re-offer the opportunity to pay the discounted rate providing you challenged it within 14 days.

To continue to challenge a PCN formal representations need to be made by the registered keeper once a Notice to Owner is received. At this point the discount period no longer applies.

The Notice to Owner fully explains how to make formal representations and details the legal grounds on which these may be made. You must make representations within 28 days of receiving the form. We will then write back to you when we have reached our decision.

If we decide again not to cancel the PCN, we will send you a Notice of Rejection of Representations explaining why.

You will be given a further opportunity to pay the charge and details on how to appeal to an independent adjudicator. More information on making an appeal can be found on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website.

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