Rother Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) scheme

The information on this web page is to give updates on the progress to introduce CPE in Rother.

CPE application to the Department for Transport

The application to introduce a CPE scheme in Rother District was submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) in July 2019. It was formally accepted in March 2020. We anticipate starting the CPE scheme in October 2020

What happens next

We will be making the changes to the lines and signs agreed at Planning Committee. It may take a couple of months to complete the changes. These need to be made before the scheme can start.

There is more information about the consultations and planning committee below.

Applying for a permit

We will write to residents and businesses about two months before the scheme starts. The letter will advise how to apply for a permit before the CPE start date.

When will CPE start

We are working towards October 2020. Though this is subject to change as it is dependent on agreement from the DfT. Before the scheme starts, all the signs and lines for the restrictions must be in place. A legal traffic regulation order also needs to be sealed to be able to enforce them.

Consultation and Planning Committee

Informal and formal consultation was carried out. Changes to restrictions mostly relate to Battle, Bexhill, Robertsbridge and Rye. You can view the informal and formal consultations on our consultation hub.

All the objections received during the formal consultation were considered. Any objections that could not be resolved were reported to the Planning Committee on Wednesday 15 January.