Parking charter


Covid-19. There are some temporary changes to parking and permits during the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak. See Temporary changes to parking for more information.

You can now apply for disabled parking bays and access protection markings online. For more details see Apply for an access protection marking and Apply for disabled parking bay.

Our commitment is to provide a parking service that is helpful, fair but firm while working towards achieving excellence.

To be helpful

  • We will mark streets and car parks as clearly as possible to show where you can and cannot park.
  • Civil enforcement officers will give advice on parking and how to park safely within the restrictions.
  • All staff will treat customers with respect and courtesy and will expect the same in return.

To be fair

  • We will ensure that enforcement is carried out fairly and consistently.
  • We will take photographs to support the issuing of a penalty charge notice where possible.
  • We will review our policies and guides regularly.

To be firm

  • All challenges against penalty charge notices will be considered in line with our policies.
  • We will act to recover debts owed to the Council for non payment of penalty charge notices.
  • We will work to protect all staff from abuse and violence.

To achieve excellence

  • We will respond to all enquiries promptly.
  • We will be clear and concise in our explanations and always use plain English.
  • We will regularly review communication to improve access to parking information.