Apply for an access protection marking (APM)

An access protection marking (APM) is a white line painted in front of a kerb which has been lowered to allow vehicle access, for example driveways. APMs are not legally enforceable but can help deter inconsiderate parking which restricts or blocks access.

Installation charge

Installation costs £46. If the access is wider than 10 metres, each additional metre costs £1. APMs will not be installed until payment is received. We will assess your application before requesting payment.

If you are a Blue Badge holder there is no charge, provided you live at the address. You will need to provide your Blue Badge serial number.

Vehicle crossovers

An APM can only be installed in front of a dropped kerb, known as a vehicle crossover. To apply for a vehicle crossover, contact East Sussex Highways.

Please also note

  • We accept no responsibility for replacement of the marking should it become faded or covered by third party road works.
  • We reserve the right to remove the marking should this prove necessary.
  • How we look after your data: Privacy notice – Parking Services.

Application form

* means information is required

Section 1: Your details

Please make sure you have entered your email address above

Name of the council that issued your Blue Badge

If your Blue Badge is due to expire in less than 6 weeks from the date you submit this form, your application will not be accepted.


Your contact telephone number (if different to above)

Section 2: Address of property

Address *

Address of the property that the APM is being requested for. Enter your postcode and 'Find address' to search.


Section 3: Access to the property

Please give details of why an access protection marking is needed

eg yellow lines or parking bays

Please add any additional comments about this here

eg front of property, garage to the rear of property

Please give any other details that you feel may be important to your application

Section 4: Photographs and drawings

To help us consider your application, if you have any photos, drawings or plans of the area, you can upload them here.

Section 5: Declaration

By entering your full name below, you declare that the information you have given is correct and acknowledge that the dispensation will be withdrawn if the conditions of use are contravened.