Plans to improve information about buses

Our public transport information aims to promote the use of public transport as an alternative to the car, and attract visitors to East Sussex.

We work with bus operators to decide what local bus information is needed and the best way to make it available. We co-ordinate the publishing of information on local bus services and aim to meet the needs of different groups, including:

  • local residents and businesses
  • those with physical, hearing, visual and/or learning disabilities
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • local health facilities – hospitals and clinics
  • tourists and visitors.

See also our plans for improving bus travel in East Sussex.

Finding information on bus services

  • Please visit our Bus timetables & Maps page for information on bus services
  • We are working towards providing real time information for bus passengers which will be available at major bus stops across the county, on the web and on mobile phones. For the latest information on real time please see the Real Time Bus Information page.

Further information

To find out more about our plans for improving bus travel information: