Local Transport Plan 3, 2011 to 2026

Covering 2011 to 2026, our third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) sets out our strategy for the next 15 years.

For an overview of LTP3 strategies, see Local Transport Plan, 2011 to 2026 – summary.

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Local Transport Plan 3 – 2011–2026
Our third Local Transport Plan document, in full.

LTP3 appendix A – Environmental Report summary
Non-technical summary of the environmental report, below.

LTP3 appendix B – Equality Impact Assessment summary
A summary of the Equality Impact Assessment, below.

LTP3 appendix C – Environmental Report
The full, revised environmental report, on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of LTP3.

LTP3 appendix D – Equality Impact Assessment
A report on the effect, or likely effect, LTP3 policies will have on different groups in the community.

LTP3 appendix E – Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) – Screening report
A report on the possible effects of LTP3 policies on internationally important nature sites.

LTP3 appendix F – Consultation comments and responses
Analyis of the comments we received through consultation on the development of LTP3.

LTP3 background paper A – Wider context
Report on the wider context of LTP3 and other County Council, local and national policies.

LTP3 background paper B – Local picture
Local issues and opportunities including economic, social and environmental factors that have an impact on LTP3.

LTP3 background paper C – Strategy options
An overview of the different strategy options which were considered during development of LTP3.

LTP3 background paper D – Strategy context
The background and local context in which our strategy was developed.