Prioritising and Funding Transport Infrastructure and Initiatives

Funding of Transport Schemes

Council Budget

The council budget comes from local taxes and central government funding. The budget is set to reflect local priorities.

Development Contributions

Landowners and developers make Development contributions. These contributions:

  • minimise the impact on the environment
  • provide the infrastructure to support the development

Grant Funding

Working in partnership at both a strategic and local level, we actively seek external funding. This helps to offset the direct funding reductions seen from government.

Income Generation

Any surplus generated from civil parking enforcement can be used to fund transport improvements. To support services to financial sustainability we charge for some services. These include driver training and Bikeability for adults.

Local Growth Funding

Delivering economic growth is now the responsibility of Local Enterprise Partnerships. They enable local authorities and businesses to:

  • Prioritise infrastructure investment together
  • Bring forward housing and commercial development

East Sussex County Council is part of two Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). These are:

To support this work the government has provided a ‘Growth Deal’ that LEP’s can bid for. In the first round the County Council secured £73.4 m of Local Growth Funding. This will enable key strategic transport projects to be prioritised and delivered following the development and approval of robust business cases.

The County Council and partners will continue to:

  • Develop the business cases for the projects that did not receive funding
  • Identify new projects. By working with SELEP and C2C, to secure funding from future rounds of the Growth Deal

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