East Sussex Active Access for Growth

2. Active Access for Growth (AAfG) Community Fund

The current round of community grant applications has now closed.

The following organisations have been awarded the funding:

  • Education Futures Trust
  • FSN Charity
  • Bike Lab Hastings
  • 1066 Cycle Club
  • Seaford Head School
  • Sandown Primary
  • Oakwood Primary Academy
  • Annecy Catholic Primary School

Further details will be shared once the projects are all up and running.

What is the AAfG community fund?

The AAfG Community Fund aims to help community groups, voluntary organisations and educational establishments to actively promote increasing the number of people travelling to employment, education and training by walking and cycling, along with actively promoting increased levels of physical activity.

The total value of the fund is £50,000, with £45,000 available in 2018/19 and £5,000 in 2019/20. Please note that this is revenue funding only.

What we will fund:

Project applications will be required to meet with the overall AAfG programme objectives of local economic growth and increased levels of physical activity through:

  • Increasing the number of people walking or cycling to work, education or training establishments
  • Providing support to people who are physically inactive, and those with chronic health conditions and who want to increase their levels of physical activity
  • Increase travel choices for people who are long term unemployed to access work

We are happy to consider any projects that meet with the above programme objectives, but some examples of the types of projects which we would fund include: led cycle rides and walks, cycle clubs (equipment and staff time), walking buses and cycle trains, 1–2–1 travel support projects, cycle maintenance, ‘play streets’.

Please contact marina.littek@sustrans.org.uk for more information.

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