Road safety policies

Statutory duties or powers defined by national legislation cover most of what we do. Our policies set out our position where we may use local discretion. They also cover areas for which there is no legislation.

Our policies support and help us to deliver our priorities. For more information please view the links below.

East Sussex Council Plan and Priorities

Local Transport Plan


Provision of School Crossing Patrols [83.8 KB] [pdf]

Local speed limits and 20 zones [855.6 KB] [pdf]

Road safety audit [269.3 KB] [pdf]

Investigation of fatalities [248.6 KB] [pdf]

Limitations on the introduction of no cycling orders [246.0 KB] [pdf]

General provision of traffic signs and road markings [196.6 KB] [pdf]

Provision of traffic signs – traffic mirrors [197.9 KB] [pdf]

Provision of traffic signs – (brown) tourist and amenity signs [196.7 KB] [pdf]

Provision of access protection markings [248.5 KB] [pdf](white road markings typically at driveways or accesses)

Provision of vehicle activated signs [239.7 KB] [pdf] (signs that light up when triggered by vehicles approaching at a pre-defined speed)

Provision of special on-street parking bays for blue badge holders [247.8 KB] [pdf]

East Sussex Highways Policies

East Sussex Highways manage several policies that impact our service areas. This is because they maintain the highway on behalf of East Sussex County Council. Some policies apply to new works that we do and maintenance works. You can view these policies via the links below.

PS 4/37 Passively Safe Sign Posts [198.1 KB] [pdf]

PS 4/5 Control of Heavy Goods Vehicles [151.8 KB] [pdf]

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