Bus Service Changes

Bus service updates. Some are improvements funded by the Department for Transport, some are bus operator changes to services.  

Funded by the Department of Transport

East Sussex County Council was awarded £41.4m from the government to implement its Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) bid. 

The plan sets out to offer residents and visitors the highest possible quality bus services.  That is frequent with a  comprehensive choice. The aim is to reduce congestion, and make a positive contribution to health through better air quality and decarbonisation.

Main updates for the county overall, and by district or borough are on this page.  You can choose a printable PDF version [click the links in the box] or read an online version [click the links outside a box, these appear on the left on a PC or laptop].  These will be updated with changes after July 2023 when these occur. 

Service Improvements 

Significant numbers of bus service improvements came in from 23 July 2023. 

Many services are now  benefitting from 

  • greater service frequencies. 
  • extended journeys.
  • later evening services.
  • weekend improvements including Sunday services where there were none. 

These service enhancements will run to the end of March 2026. 

To see the improved services being delivered through BSIP funding please click here to see on a map.

The layer control icon near the top right of the screen allows you to select different layers to view. All layers relate to BSIP bus service improvements.

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  • Daytime Frequency Improvements
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  • Sunday Frequency Improvements

The layer control also allows the entire bus network to be shown.

Image of county of East Sussex showing major bus routes

Most are funded through East Sussex County Council’s successful bid to UK Government, in support of our East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP). Summary details for district areas are shown in the links.

These include changes to other services that have already been made or are planned. Changes are available on bus operators' websites. Links are included on this page. East Sussex County Council are not responsible for the content of other web pages. 

You can read more about lower fares changes through the BSIP here: www.eastsussex.gov.uk/roads-transport/public/bus-service-improvement-plan/lower-fares-on-east-sussex-bus-services. This is in addition to the Government’s ‘Help for Households’ fare cap (currently £2.00 for a single journey) about which more detail can be found here: www.eastsussex.gov.uk/roads-transport/public/buses/2-bus-fares

FlexiBus operates in the rural areas of the county. This initiative aims to deliver the BSIP’s objective of providing residents in rural areas of East Sussex with access to a bus service enabling residents to access services such as health, education and retail or to connect to the wider bus or rail network. You can read more about FlexiBus here: www.eastsussex.gov.uk/roads-transport/public/flexibus 

Some of the more significant improvements to bus services:

  • New hourly daily service between Heathfield, Blackboys, Uckfield, Lewes and Brighton (route 29A).
  • New half-hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service linking Eastbourne, Hailsham, Bulrush Lane, Laughton, Ringmer, Lewes  and Brighton (route 28). Evening and Sunday journeys to run between Hailsham and Brighton.
  • Routes 254, 304 and 305 relaunched as ‘route 1066’ with additional evening journeys and a new Sunday service. The service links to and from Hastings and Tunbridge Wells.
  • Eastbourne Loop service doubled in frequency between Langney shopping centre and Eastbourne town centre via the Sovereign Centre and Seaside. Up to 15 minutes on weekdays and up to 30 minutes on Sundays.
  • Significantly more evening and Sunday services including in and around Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Hailsham and Eastbourne.