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Licensing your venue for civil marriages and civil partnerships

2. Working together

The licence to hold civil marriages and civil partnerships can only be issued by East Sussex County Council.  

East Sussex Registration will work closely with our licenced venues, to promote civil ceremonies and to provide couples with a unique and memorable experience.

We will support new and existing venues to ensure they are fully prepared to facilitate statutory ceremonies and to keep them informed of any changes to legalisation that may occur. 

  • The licence will be valid for a minimum of 3 years.
  • You can apply to renew your licence if it expires in less than a year. 
  • Licence holders may apply to renew a licence not more than twelve months and not less than six months before the expiry of the existing licence.
  • The normal application procedure and fees will apply. Fees are due at the time of application.

East Sussex Registration staff will:

  1. Notify the Responsible Person(s) on duty of their arrival at the premises and liaise with them over the arrangements for the ceremony.
  2. Abide by any rules and regulations affecting the building and/or property provided they do not conflict with:
  • East Sussex Registration’s requirements and conditions for Approved Premises for Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships.
  • Regulations and/or the Code of Practice issued by the Registrar General.
  • The various Marriage Acts and Regulations.
  • The Civil Partnerships Act and Regulations.
  • Their statutory responsibilities.

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