Privacy Notice - Library and Information Service

Sharing your information

Your personal information will be made available to those members of our staff who need to see it in order to perform their functions, roles and responsibilities in the Library & Information Service.

Any sharing of personal data is always done:

  • on case-by-case basis
  • using the minimum personal data necessary
  • with the appropriate security controls in place
  • in line with legislation.

Information is only shared with those agencies and bodies who have a “need to know” or where you have consented to the sharing of your personal data to such persons.

We may use the information we hold about you to assist in the detection and prevention of crime or fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies that inspect and manage public funds.

Use of third party organisations

East Sussex County Council may share your information with trusted external organisations to process your data on our behalf.

Your Library account will provide you access to a range of subscriptions purchased by the Library & Information Service.

To effectively manage and provide you with a comprehensive range of service, the Library & Information Service makes use of expert third party service providers to perform functions and/or provide services on our behalf (such as self-service kiosks, card payment devices). These third party service providers (“Data Processors”) may use your personal information in order to assist the Library & Information Service, or to provide the agreed Service to you on our behalf. All of our Data Processors are bound by strict contractual terms in order to ensure that your personal information will be protected appropriately.

  • Library Management System – Civica
    Personal data is stored in the Library Management System to enable us to manage your account, including loans, reservations and transaction history.
  • Self-Service kiosk – Bibliotheca
    Personal data will be used by Bibliotheca to enable identification, required to process transactions.
  • People’s Network Computers and WiFi access – Insight Media/iCAM
    Personal data will be used by iCAM to enable identification, required for you to sign in to access the WiFi or computer.
  • Card payment provider – WorldPay
    Personal data will be used by WorldPay, to process any card payment.
  • Automated renewals phone line – Talking Tech Itiva
    Personal data will be used by Talking Tech Itiva to enable identification.
  • eBooks and eAudio provided by OverDrive
    Personal data will be used by OverDrive to enable identification.

There are a limited number of third party providers where being a member of the Library & Information service will enable you to access a service. You will need to set up an account with them to access those services. For these providers we do not control or process your personal data.

Any organisation commissioned by the Council will be under contractual obligation to comply with data protection legislation.

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