Privacy Notice - Library and Information Service

How will your information be used?

Your information will be used to set up and manage your Library account. It will hold a record of your transaction history. We will use your contact details (email address or postal address) to notify you about reservations and items on loan.

Your personal details will be linked to your membership number (also known as the library card number), this may be used to identify you and manage your library account as above. You can use your membership number and PIN to access your account from our website.

We aim to maintain high standards, adopt best practice for our record keeping and regularly check and report on how we are doing. Your information is never sold for direct marketing purposes.

The majority of your personal data will be stored within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA includes all EU Member countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

For some services we may transfer personal data that we collect from you to third-party data processors in countries that are outside the EEA such as Australia or the USA. If we do this, we have procedures in place to ensure your data receives the same protection as if it were being processed inside the EEA.

Any transfer of your personal data will follow applicable laws and we will treat the information under the guiding principles of this Privacy Notice.

Our staff are trained to handle your information correctly and protect your confidentiality and privacy.

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