On street parking in Bexhill

Pay and display and time limited parking bays

There are different types of bays within the controlled parking areas in Bexhill. Signs next to the bays tell you which type they are and any time restrictions.

By displaying a valid pay & display ticket, or paying for parking using RingGo, our cashless parking mobile phone service, you can park in:

  • pay & display bays
  • shared use bays (permit holders and pay & display parking).

Most pay and display machines accept both card and coin payment, or you can pay using RingGo.

You can also park for free for a limited amount of time within the following bays:

  • time limited bays
  • shared use bays (permit holders or time limited parking)

Other types of bays such as permit holder only, disabled bays and taxi bays operate at all times unless the sign states otherwise.

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