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Resources table
Website Description Languages
Code clubs We will be keeping our page updated with coding challenges for you! Scratch & HTML
Code Club Projects Code Club has free projects to get you started. These are the projects we use in our Code Clubs! Scratch, HTML, Python, Blender, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi
Code.org Code.org has videos and tutorials to help you learn coding at home. Blockly, HTML & CSS, Javascript, App Lab
Code Campus Code Campus has released all their Scratch tutorials for free! Scratch
Code Combat A platform-style game where you have to write code to guide your hero to complete the level. Computing vocabulary, Python & Javascript
Code Guppy Tutorials, games and more! Good for transitioning from Scratch to text-based languages. Javascript
CS Unplugged A collection of fun and engaging activities that enable children to explore fundamental ideas in Computer science, without having to use a computer. Computer science skills without a computer
Erase All Kittens A platform-style game that shows you how to write HTML to win levels and save kittens! HTML
Hour of Code One hour tutorials for a variety of skill levels. HTML, Javascript, Python, CoffeeScript, Scratch, Blockly
Micro:bit Even if you don’t have a micro:bit, you can learn what makes them tick with these tutorials. -
Sidequest A biweekly game jam that teaches you games development. Suitable for older children 13+. -
Raspberry Pi Foundation: Digital Making Weekly code-along videos led by people from Raspberry Pi. They will walk you through projects to give you a place to start and a friendly face to accompany you! Scratch, HTML, Python
TechResort Eastbourne based company TechResort have uploaded all the worksheets they use in their sessions! Scratch, HTML, Python, Photography, 3D Design
Trinket.io & Hour of Python Tutorials for writing Python. Python


Eastbourne based company TechResort is offering a collaborative chat for kids over 13. For more information check their website:

TechResort chat

Forgotten password

If you are already attending or have attended a Code Club at one of our libraries and have forgotten your Scratch password please contact us.