Music and iPlayer content

Can I download music and iPlayer files from the Internet?

You will be able to listen to and download some iPlayer files, but not if they are very long. As our network supports a large number of PCs across the county, downloading or listening to lengthy programmes on the internet is not possible as the network does not support this amount of data being moved across it.

If you want to download files we suggest that you download them first to My Documents, then transfer them to your MP3 player. If it is compatible with our system and needs no extra software to transfer the files, this should work fine.

We are sorry our policy will prevent you from downloading music files. There reasons are:

  • Many mobile devices that let you listen to music need their own software to transfer music files onto them. Our setup doesn’t allow software to be downloaded onto the PCs to enable this.
  • We have to consider copyright laws as we are a public place. Any music downloaded to our PCs might then be available to the next customer.
  • Despite having a filtering system we cannot ensure that all sites that allow you to download music are legal.