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6. eBooks and eAudiobooks help

Downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks

Library members can download books from our eBooks and eAudiobooks websites. When you download a title, it is ‘on loan’ to you like an ordinary book. You can access them through your PC – or an app on your smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

When you find a title you want:

  • if it is available immediately, use the ‘Download’ or ‘Checkout’ button and confirm you want the title.
  • if it is not available yet, use ‘Place a hold’ to reserve the title.

eBooks and eAudiobooks stop working after three weeks, so you’ll need to renew or download them again. eMagazines will stay on your account until you delete them.

RBdigital now supports borrower registration within the mobile app.

Finding eBooks and eAudiobooks

All our electronic resources are listed on our online library as ‘eBooks’. You can search for them two ways.

  1. Library catalogue
    Use keyword, author or title to search across the whole online library, then look for titles marked ‘eBooks’.
  2. Library catalogue – advanced search
    Under advanced search, in the box marked ‘Collection’ choose ‘eBooks’ to limit your search to eBooks and eAudiobooks only.

The titles in your search results contain a column marked ‘Status’ - use the link in this column to go straight to your chosen title on the eBooks and eAudiobooks websites.

You can place reservations (holds) for eBooks and eAudiobooks on the relevant website.

Formats available

  • eBooks are electronic versions of printed books in Adobe PDF or Adobe EPUB format. You can read them on your computer, most eBook readers (but not Kindle) or mobile phone.
  • eAudiobooks (sometimes known as talking books) are electronic spoken word versions of printed books in MP3 or OCDF format. You can listen to them on computer, MP3 player or compatible mobile device, including phones.

Audiobooks are also available on CD from our libraries.

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