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8. Alerts about new titles

What are alert profiles

To receive alerts about new library stock, sign into our online library with your library card number and PIN and create an ‘alert profile’. You can have more than one profile.

  • Email alerts you must have an email address in your personal details – you’ll be sent an email containing brief details about each new item and a direct link to read more about it and reserve it.
  • Alert profile online check at any time to find new items matching your preferences.

When you’ve set up a profile, you can check and update them from the ‘My account: summary’ page. Alert profiles include:

  • Search profile your areas of interest like author, title or subject, collection (like Adult Fiction) or specific library
  • Alert frequency daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly updates.
  • Profile active status set to Yes if your profile will be checked, No if it won’t be checked.
  • Expiry date set an optional date after which your alert profile will no longer be checked by the system – your profile will still exist and you can change this date at any time.
  • Description give each profile you set up a brief description for different topics.

Creating a new alert profile

  1. Sign into the online library and go to ‘My account: new alert profile’ page.
  2. Create a search profile
    - Type your preferences in the boxes on the search screen, you can type several words in each box, and in any number of boxes.
    - On a computer you can hold down the Ctrl key to select or remove several items from the material, collection and location lists (for example, Adult Fiction Hardback and Adult Fiction Paperback) – if you’ve chosen something from these lists, a blue asterisk is displayed next to the box.
  3. Test your search
    - Click the ‘Search’ button to see if it finds the number and type of results you expect – to go back, click ‘Back to previous record’ at the top of the page (don’t use the back button or you’ll lose your search)
    - If necessary, amend your search and retest it.
  4. Choose an alert frequency for how often you would like the online library system to look for any new works matching your profile.
  5. Optionally enter an expiry date if you do not want alerts to be sent after a specific date.
  6. You must provide a short description of your profile so that you can recognise it in your list of alerts.
  7. Click the Save button to create your new profile.

Updating an alert profile

Sign into the online library and go to ‘My account: summary’ page. Under ‘Other’ click the Alert profiles link to display a list of your existing profiles, and then choose the one you want to update.

To amend your search:

  • Make any changes to your search and test it – remember to change the Description at the top if you are now looking for different items.
  • Tick or untick the ‘Send alerts’ box to say if you want to start or stop alerts.
  • If needed, change the alert frequency and expiry date options.
  • Finally, click one of the buttons to ‘Save’ your changes or undo them using ‘Reset’.

To run your search online straightaway, choose one of the extra options:

  • Display profile set shows everything that matches your current search.
  • Display new entries shows any new items that match your search that you haven’t been notified about yet.
  • Update profile set if you’ve amended your search, resets your results to include everything matching your new search.
  • Clear profile set clears everything from your previous searches and begins again so that the next time your alert is checked for new entries, everything matching your preferences will be reported.

To delete the alert:

  • Click the ‘Delete’ button.

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