Library meeting rooms

3. Confirming your booking

When we receive your booking enquiry, library staff will phone you back within five working days to discuss availability and any facilities you need, such as an interactive screen, computers or disabled access. We will either:

  • confirm the room and facilities are available at the time you requested, or
  • tell you that the meeting room you requested is unavailable and offer an alternative.

Signing the booking form

After library staff have spoken to you, we will email you a form containing your booking details. We will also send you information about the venue you requested, including fire procedures.

When you sign and return the booking form to us, your booking is complete.

Arriving for your booking

Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking:

  • to pay for the room by cash or credit or debit card
  • take the tour of the venue and for library staff to show you how to use any equipment you booked.

Remember to bring your insurance documents and any relevant music licences with you to your meeting.

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