Libraries Strategy

1. Libraries Strategy

East Sussex Libraries: The Way Forward

A five year library strategy was agreed by the County Council’s Cabinet on 6 March 2018. For more information about the background to this decision please see Libraries Transformation Programme .

The Libraries Strategic Commissioning Strategy 2018/19 to 2022/23 is designed to meet current and future needs for the county and to address the challenges the service faces, both in terms of less money to deliver the service but also the reducing demand for libraries across East Sussex as a whole.

Our strategy has four key Strategic Outcomes:

  • Improving child and adult literacy and numeracy.

We will provide a range of quality materials and personalised support for people’s different needs, so they can enjoy the pleasure of reading as well as the better life chances that literacy and numeracy unlock for people. We will deliver a new Children and Young People’s Literacy and Numeracy offer, working closely with other services for children and young people of all ages in all settings to encourage children and their families to use the library service

  • Supporting the economy.

We will provide training and guidance for people of all abilities seeking to learn and to work, so they are able to build skills and confidence in a supportive environment.

  • Better health and wellbeing.

We will promote reading as a source of wellbeing, provide reliable information and services to promote good health, and support people to manage their own health and the health of those they care for.

  • Increasing digital inclusion.

We will provide free access to computers and Wi-Fi, and paid access to printers and scanners, training for people to use technology and the Internet, so they are able to independently access vital information and services and participate in the benefits of the digital world.

We will deliver each strategic outcome through a range of services, provided according to evidence of need across the whole county and within specific communities, including:

From 8 May 2018 we will provide a core library offer for all residents through a network of 17 libraries.

We are expanding the range of online services and materials that are available for free to all our library members.

We will continue to provide a free delivery service to customers who cannot easily visit a library due to disability, frailty or caring responsibilities

  • Increased outreach work in our most disadvantaged communities
  • We will promote and deliver our offer more closely with other services in different settings including in Children’s Centres, schools and community venues
  • A new Children and Young People’s Literacy and Numeracy offer

We will work closely with other services for children and young people of all ages in all settings to encourage children and their families to use the library service.

  • Teachers Library Membership
  • From August 2018 we will introduce a free library membership specifically for teachers
  • New Community Library Membership
  • From May 2018 we will introduce a community library membership to enable rural communities to receive a core stock of books, to lend within their own community and to borrow additional items on a long loan basis. A nominated volunteer, acting on behalf of the community organisation, would be required to reserve, collect and return items to a selected East Sussex library.

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