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1. Signing up

What are learndirect courses

We offer learndirect courses that you study on a computer – in a library or at home – with support and guidance available from a tutor.

They are for people at all levels, from beginners who have never touched a computer to experienced computer users who want to gain a qualification. We assess your needs and select a course that suits you.

Where to sign up

First you must meet with a tutor. Contact them at your nearest learning centre:

You and your tutor will set out a learning plan and target dates, and decide how much support you’ll need to achieve your goals.

You can then work on your course at any library or at home.

To get the best from the course you’ll need to meet with your tutor regularly, and attend a learning centre for any assessments.


Some qualifications are funded by the Government, so are free of charge or have reduced fees. How much you pay depends on:

  • which course you take
  • if you’re eligible for funding.

See the funding information on the Learndirect website.

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