The writing competition

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There are 2 writing competitions that you can enter.

  1. Write a book review
  2. The creative writing competition

Write a book review

So you’ve read one or more of the books. We want to hear what you thought about them. We’re asking these questions:

  • Who do you think would enjoy this story?
  • Tell us what the story is about – but don’t give away the ending!
  • Who is your favourite character and why?
  • How do you rate this book?

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to write a book review, we’ve created some useful tips to help. Once it’s done, send it to us online using the button below.

Enter the book review competition >

The top three entries will win a prize. Good luck!

Creative writing competition

We want you to come up with a great piece of creative writing based on the shortlisted books. Read the writing activities below and choose the one that inspires you most.

Choose one your favourite of the shortlisted books and then either:

  • Write a short sequel or alternative ending
  • Write a news report based on the story
  • Write a letter to your favourite character

Enter the creative writing competition >

There will be prizes for the best pieces of writing we receive!

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