Sports grounds safety certificates

1. Types of safety certificate

We are responsible for the safety certification of sports grounds under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 (as amended) and the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 within the area of East Sussex County Council.

A safety certificate is required for a Designated Ground and for a Regulated Stand.

Designated Ground

A Designated Ground is any sports ground that can accommodate more than 10,000 spectators. Or 5,000 in the case of Premier League and Football League grounds in England and Wales.

Regulated Stand

A Regulated Stand is any covered stand at a sports ground with accommodation for 500 or more spectators, whether seated or standing.

General or Special Safety Certificates

There are 2 types of certificate:

A General Safety Certificate is used to cover specified activities which are held over an indefinite period of time. For example, regular football matches at a sports ground.

A Special Safety Certificate is used to cover one-off events or a series of occasions. For example, a music concert being held at a Designated Ground or viewed from a Regulated Stand.

Depending on the likely maximum occupancy and the type of event or activity being held, you may need to apply for both a general safety certificate and a special safety certificate in some circumstances.

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