Online resources for family history research

4. Archives

The Keep Archives
The Keep holds the records of East Sussex Record Office, Royal Pavilion & Museums local history collections, and the University of Sussex Special Collection.

West Sussex Record Office
Hold records relating to the west of the county

Discovery at The National Archives
Searchable database of records in local record offices and libraries, universities, museums, and national and specialist institutions across England.

US National Archives and Records Administration
Advice and resources from an archive that contains records about more than 200 years of American development.

National Archives of Ireland
Holds records of the modern Irish state.

National Archives of Scotland
Records spanning the 12th to the 21st centuries, touching on virtually every aspect of Scottish life.

Public Record Office for Northern Ireland
Holds records, chiefly relating to Northern Ireland, dating back to 1219.

The National Archives
Formerly known as the Public Record Office, includes an online catalogue and over 100 research leaflets.

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