Seasonal byway restrictions


Please note, due current ground conditions, the seasonal restrictions listed below have been extended for a further 42 days until 12th May 2018.

The following byways are subject to seasonal restrictions between 1st October and 31st March each year, in order to protect their surfaces from damage over the winter months, and preserve both the character and the amenity for other users.

Byways closed to vehicles (excluding motor and pedal cycles, quadricycles and horse drawn vehicles)

Public Byway Arlington 9a,b and c Map

Public Byway Crowborough 30c and b(part) Map

Public Byways Firle 10 and 6a, b and c, Alciston 11a, b and c, Berwick 7a, b and c, and Alfriston 22a and b Map

Public Byway Herstmonceux 59a,b and c Map

Public Byway Herstmonceux 60 a and b Map

Public Byways Laughton 26 a,b,c,d,e and f and 27a and b Map

Public Byways Long Man 40 and Willingdon & Jevington 34a, b and c, 36a and b, and 37a and b Map

Public Byways Long Man 16a and b and Hailsham 58 Map

Public Byway Hailsham 36a,b and c Map

Public Byways Hailsham 57 and 56a,b,c,d,e and f and Pevensey 17 and 18 Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 8a,b,and c Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 29 Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 45a,b,a and c Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 68 Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 73 Map

Public Byway Rotherfield 78a and b Map

Public Byways Warbleton 82 and Ashburnham 15 Map

Byways closed to all four wheeled vehicles

Public Byways Arlington 43a,b & 44a,b &56 and Long Man 15 – TQ 540 067 to TQ 550 070 and TQ 548 066 to TQ 551 064

Public Byways Ashburnham 16a,b and Warbleton 81a,b – TQ 658 156 to TQ 666 155

Public Byways Chalvington 33 and 34 – TQ 524 091 to TQ 530 098

Public Byway Chiddingly 61 – TQ 547 119 to TQ 540 111

Public Byways Hadlow Down 24 – TQ 540 241 to TQ 545 247

Public Byway Iden 28 – TQ 089 222 to TQ 790 223

Public Byway Wivlesfield 25 – TQ 342 221 to TQ 348 225