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East Sussex Arts Partnership: Is it Art? Grants

1. Funding brief

The Turner Prize will be hosted by Towner Eastbourne between October 2023 and January 2024. East Sussex Arts Partnership is offering twenty £1,000 grants to artists working or living in East Sussex. This will form an East Sussex-wide “Is It Art?” fringe event.

ESAP will offer £1,00 grants to unique, one-off projects that directly respond to and support:

  • The controversial nature of the prize itself
  • Leave it to Us, the Eastbourne event running alongside the Turner Prize with Towner Eastbourne.

'Is it Art?' celebrates this famous arts prize being hosted in East Sussex, the East Sussex Arts Partnership would like to support the development of one-off projects that respond to the question that always comes up in relation to this prize, ‘is it art?’

Leave it to Us - a partnership programme that will be the catalyst for lasting change in Eastbourne by empowering young people to discover their creativity. Working with young people, public health, business, and community, the project focuses on art and environmental action through philosophical enquiry and skills development.