Could you work in early help?

There is no set route to employment in early help. Our whole-family approach means applicants can apply with a range of backgrounds.

Ideally, you will have a recognised professional qualification, (e.g. social work, youth work, nursing or equivalent experience), and will need to show a deep understanding of targeted support for families.

Skills you need

Crucially, you’ll need to be prepared to work effectively with families in a number of potential areas (including education, mental health, domestic violence, youth offending, income inequality).

You will need to build relationships with families facing difficult times, show a lot of patience and be a good listener. You’ll also need good observational skills, analytical thinking and sound judgement.

Managers will have to demonstrate an ability to provide outstanding case supervision while ensuring teams are effective and thriving.

Work locations

The 0–19 service covers the whole of East Sussex, with hubs across different areas. Because the service is very large we will regularly recruit new staff. Our recruitment is always area specific so do look to see if the area being advertised suits you.