Connected practice

Our vision

Connected Practice is a methodology that supports practitioners to create change through meaningful and helpful relationships with children and families. Through these supportive relationships more children and young people are supported to stay at home with their families – leading lives that are safe, stable and fulfilling.

Families, carers and children will have more relational, effective, structured interventions and this will promote their functioning
allowing for children in their care to be safer and better nurtured.

This focus on relationships and strength through connections is reflected in our approach to working with families, our career pathway and CPD and our practitioner well-being programme.

Connected practice

What Connected Practice looks like

Our practitioners draw on their own resources to develop effective relationships with families, carers, children and young people. Working intensively to help families and carers to solve problems themselves and create change, without having to refer to others to create this change.

In order to support our practitioners we as an organisation ensure they are valued and treated with respect – allowing this experience to cascade down to the families with whom we work.

You can read more about Connected Practice by downloading our booklet on the model.