Apprenticeships for East Sussex County Council Staff

Find out how you can gain a work-based qualification at no extra cost to you or your team.

Apprenticeships are now available to people at all levels within the organisation. So whether you are taking your first steps into employment, or want to undertake development training to grow your career; there is an apprenticeship for you.

  • For the Council, our Apprenticeship Programme offers the opportunity to ‘grow our own’ workforce, and to recruit and retain motivated people.
  • For existing staff, it means being able to access training and qualifications at no financial cost to you, or your team and with no changes to your employment terms and conditions.
  • For new staff joining the Council it is an opportunity to earn money while you learn.

The Apprenticeship and Qualifications Team ( AQT) are a highly experienced, high quality internal delivery team who deliver a range of core apprenticeship programmes to our own staff. They are able to use their experience and knowledge of working within a County Council to support learners to reach their full potential. They offer the following core apprenticeship programmes internally.

  • Business Administration level 3
  • Team Leading Level 3
  • Operational and Departmental Manager Level 5

If you would like any further information about these specific apprenticeships please email us.

Nationally there are over 700 different apprenticeships available in different subjects and at different levels, with a wide variety available for ESCC employees and employees of other levy paying organisations. You can access information on the hundreds of professional apprenticeships now available at the Institute of Apprenticeships website.

If you are an ESCC employee unsure how an apprenticeship works, there is an intranet page dedicated to an Introduction to Apprenticeships that will provide you with a  general overview. Either use this link (Introduction to Apprenticeships – ESCC Intranet ) or simply type “apprenticeships” into the ESCC intranet search bar. If you are not an ESCC employee please see the Government’s apprenticeship website.