Help applying for jobs with the County Council

4. Help and ideas for people with learning disabilities

You can get help finding a job with ChoicES which is an employment service for people with learning disabilities who live in East Sussex.

To use ChoicES you must:

  • be over 18
  • have had an Adult Social Care Assessment and been told that you can use Adult Social Care services.

To find out if you can use the ChoicES service, contact us for an assessment.

ChoicES services

ChoicES can help you to find paid work, voluntary work or work experience.

ChoicES job clubs

Learn about:

  • writing a CV
  • practising interview skills
  • finding work


ChoicES can help you to get any training you need. They also run some courses of their own. They make sure people are ready for work before they start a new job.

Starting work

When you start work, someone from ChoicES will support you to settle in.

As you become more confident your supporter will visit less often. But they will visit every now and again to make sure everything is going well.

Support for employers

ChoicES work closely with employers to make sure they have the information and support they need to make working together with you a success.

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