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"There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the network is safe and free flowing. There’s a real mix of working under pressure and also strategic long term planning to get best value from our resources."

Business Improvement Manager

What does Highways do?

The Highways service is a great place to pursue a wide range of rewarding careers from project and contract management, innovation, administration, publicity, construction and many more. We deal with so much more than potholes!

We have two teams:

  • Our highway maintenance contractor carries out much of the day-to-day work of keeping the highway safe and open for business.
  • Our contract management team oversees the contractor, makes strategic decisions, manages finance and budgets and monitors the contractor’s performance.

Between us we look after over 2,000 miles of road, 1,500 miles of pavements, 5 tunnels, 974 bridges, 37,000 street lights, 98,000 gullies and other assets worth around £7.8 billion altogether.

We have a strong culture of continuous improvement and all staff are encouraged to use their initiative and suggest ideas that will make a difference to what we do and how we do it.

Previous highway experience is not necessary for many roles. We can teach you all you need to know. Many of our staff have worked their way up to management level over the years.

Latest jobs in East Sussex Highways

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Examples of our work

Everyone has a vital role to play. There is a real sense of satisfaction for every project completed and every improvement made.

Our work includes:

  • teams inspecting and repairing the roads
  • staff keeping residents informed
  • behind the scenes work on strategic plans to make the best use of every penny of taxpayer’s money
  • working closely with other councils, industry and research groups
  • making our highways as green as possible and reducing carbon emissions - projects range from special mowing programmes for wildlife verges and environmental surveying, to researching new materials and processes that reduce energy use.

"I enjoy working in highways as it has such a big impact on the residents of East Sussex, giving me a real chance to see how my work can directly improve people’s daily lives."

Project Officer

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