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Standard pre-employment checks – plus CPR and DBS

You must provide all the details requested in this document before your offer can be confirmed. All documents should be sent to the Personnel Support Unit at the address below:

Personnel Support Unit
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent

DBS disclosure

We are required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check for this post. As this check cannot currently be carried out online, we will send a disclosure application form to you in the post.

You will need to provide us with a number of original documents to verify your identity, and the DBS website below will help you to decide which ones to provide.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Child Protection Register (CPR) check

As the post you have been offered involves working with children, young people or vulnerable adults, we are required to carry out a check of the child protection register before confirming your appointment. Please download and complete the form below and return it to us.

CPR check form [575.0 KB] [doc]

Eligibility to work in the UK

Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, we need to see proof that you are eligible to work in this country. New employees need to demonstrate their identity and eligibility to work in the UK by providing one of the following documents:

  • a full British passport (current or expired) or national identity card issued by a state which is party to the Europe Economic Agreement or other passport stating your eligibility to work in the UK.
  • a residence permit that proves you have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or ‘time-limited immigration status to work in the UK’.

Applicants who are unable to provide the above evidence should contact the Personnel Support Unit for further guidance.


If the post to which you have been appointed requires you to hold a particular qualification, you must provide evidence to that effect for our records.

Pre-employment health check

A pre-employment heath check is used to make us aware of any reasonable adjustment we need to make to your workplace or work process as required under the Equalities Act 2010. Our Occupational Health service is provided by Health Management Ltd (HML) and any Health information provided in the pre-employment health questionnaire will be reviewed by an Occupational Health Advisor and treated as confidential. The Personnel Support Unit will send you a link to the pre-employment health questionnaire.

Bank details

Your salary will be paid monthly in arrears by direct transfer to your bank, building society, Giro or Trustee Savings Bank account. The bank account must be held in your name or be a joint account provided that you are one of the account names. We are unable to pay salaries by cheque.

Please complete your payment details on the bank details form below.

Please note that any delay could result in you not receiving your first salary payment until the following month.

Bank details form [105.0 KB] [doc]

Receiving your payslip

All East Sussex County Council staff are provided with their payslip electronically, via a system called ePay. Every employee is set up with an ePay account, enabling you to view your payslips online at anytime.

You will receive an ePay welcome email in the last week of the month before your first salary payment is due, which provides instructions on how to access the system. Within this communication your unique ePay username and temporary password will be confirmed.

If you do not receive a welcome email by the date of your first salary payment is due, or you have any queries please contact the Payroll Compliance Team.


You should, if possible, forward a P45 tax form to the Personnel Support Unit on or before your starting date.

If you are unable to do so and you wish to avoid paying a temporary rate of tax (which may be higher than you should be paying) you should ensure you complete the new starter tax information on your bank details form.

Providing original documents

We are required to see your original documents as described above prior to you starting work. We are not able to accept copies. The following options are available to assist you in providing us with the necessary documents:

  • You can send the documents to us at County Hall and we will copy them and return them to you by recorded delivery;
  • You may contact us and arrange a time when you can bring them to us at County Hall;
  • You may take them to your new place of work prior to commencing employment and request they forward a copy to us.

Pension preferences

If you are a new employee to the County Council you will automatically become a member of the pension scheme that is appropriate to your role from the date of your appointment. This will be either the Local Government Pension Scheme* (LGPS) or the Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS).

Both you and the County Council will pay into the pension scheme every month and the government will also contribute through tax relief. Your pension will belong to you, even if you leave us in the future.

If you intend to remain a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme, please complete and return the LGPS-1 form. The form is used to advise the Pension Scheme administrators of any previous pensions arrangements you may wish to transfer in. It is also used to nominate any beneficiaries who you wish the Council to consider paying any death grant to, in the event of your death.

LGPS-1 form [56.2 KB] [pdf]

If you wish to leave the scheme, you must submit an opt out form. Your form must be dated on or after the date from which you are entered into the scheme (normally your start date). If you submit your opt out form within 3 months of being entered into the scheme you will be entitled to a full refund of any contributions you may have paid.

You can find more information about the pension schemes, including details of the scheme benefits as well as the forms for opting out, on the following websites:

Local Government Pension Scheme

Teachers’ Pension Scheme

If you are in receipt of a pension from the LGPS, please contact the scheme administrators to inform them of your new employment as it may be subject to abatement for the duration of your employment. Failure to do so could result in overpayment of pension. In such circumstances you will be required to repay any overpayment of pension benefits.

If your role will involve you wholly or mainly undertaking public health practice or activity, you may be eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria in the Open Direction Order we have been granted from the Department of Health. Staff covered under the eligibility criteria set out in the Order will contribute to the NHS Pension Scheme and not the Local Government Pension Scheme. It should be emphasised that the Order dictates which scheme staff will contribute to – this is not a matter for personal choice. Please contact the Personnel Support Unit for further information regarding the eligibility criteria.

* Please note that if the LGPS is the appropriate scheme you must in addition have a contract for at least 3 months. If your contract is for less than 3 months, or if you are a casual worker, then you can choose to join the scheme at any time by completing the opt in form on the scheme’s website as detailed above.