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Human Resources and Organisational Development (HR&OD)

What I really love about working in my area is definitely the people. One day is never ever the same. It’s an incredibly varied role. I really enjoy talking with stakeholders and the managers and the rest of the organisation.

Triona, HR Manager

What does the HR team do?

We are a high performing, friendly and supportive team that works as an integral part of the Council to provide top quality human resources and organisational development advice and guidance. We work across all departments, schools and with external organisations, to help the Council to get the best from its workforce.

Our work covers:

  • HR advisory on employee issues
  • helping the Council to recruit new staff
  • apprenticeships
  • business administration, including payroll and staff changes
  • organisational change
  • health and safety and wellbeing
  • learning and development.

There are many opportunities to share learning and knowledge with colleagues, acquire new skills and experience and enhance your continued professional development.

Structure charts

Top level structure chart [156.1 KB] [docx]

Apprenticeship team [100.1 KB] [docx]

Advisory team [299.6 KB] [docx]

Employee Services team [116.7 KB] [docx]

HR Services team [325.9 KB] [docx]

Learning & Development and Organisational Development Team  [196.7 KB] [docx]

Latest jobs in human resources and organisational development

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Examples of our work

  • We have trained 7.5% of our corporate workforce as Mental Health First Aiders (with a target of 10%).
  • We evaluate over 300 new and existing roles each year using a range of different grading schemes.
  • We advertised 1,368 roles in the last year and hosted 3,153 partnership adverts for schools and other companies on our website.
  • We provide payroll services for over 14,000 individuals across 27 employers.

Listen to HR staff talking about their roles

- Anna, Team Leader

- Georgia, Assistant HR Consultant

- Issie, Subject Matter Expert (HR) MBOS Programme

- Kathryn, HR Manager


I'm really proud to be part of an HR team that works with managers to try to find a solution to issues when required, but also strives to make East Sussex a supportive environment to work in.

Kathryn, HR Manager

What staff say about working in Business Services

Veronique Round
"Being in Finance has really been helpful and rewarding for me. My job is to help colleagues internally access grants. Getting an email in the morning saying, ‘I just wanted to let you know we got the £500 from the Lottery to do this project’ really makes my day." Veronique, External Funding Manager
Nev Round
"You feel like you’re doing something, not just for the people you’re fixing the computer for, but for the service they’re providing for people in the county." Nev, Service Hub User Experience Manager
Liam Round
"I used to be a branch manager for Nationwide Building Society, a bit different from what I do now, but I wanted something with a bit more career progression. Internal audit is a really interesting job and at East Sussex there are loads of development opportunities." Liam, Senior Auditor
Elaine Round
"We carry out a wide variety of work, some behind the scenes, and some that’s very visible to the staff. Working with the public and helping people is one of the main aims of my role. What I love is the variety. No two days are the same." Elaine, Business Support Officer
Jodie Round
"Within Internal Audit and Business Services my experience has been really positive. It’s a really forward-thinking area to work in, there’s lots of opportunities for development." Jodie, Principal Auditor
Christina Round
"I love the fact the role is very varied and challenging, knowing that the work that I and my colleagues do goes a way to benefit and support the residents of East Sussex and beyond is just truly an amazing feeling." Christina, Procurement Specialist
Triona Round
"What I really love about working in my area is definitely the people. One day is never ever the same. It’s an incredibly varied role. I really enjoy talking with stakeholders and the managers and the rest of the organisation." Triona, HR Manager

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