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Apprenticeships at East Sussex County Council

About our apprenticeships

East Sussex County Council seeks to “grow our own” professionals of tomorrow. 

We offer all staff the chance to gain professional qualifications through apprenticeships. Over 300 staff gained professional vocational qualifications in the last five years. There are apprenticeships at all levels of the Council at no cost to staff.

Apprentices receive mentoring support from colleagues and the Council’s Apprenticeship Team.

Apprenticeships are for everyone

There are apprenticeships for people of all levels of skill and experience at East Sussex County Council.

So, whether you are taking the first steps in your career with us, taking a change in direction or wanting to undertake development training to build on your existing skills… there is an apprenticeship for you!

Apprenticeships are a great way to:

  • develop a broad range of experience
  • build confidence
  • kick start a journey of professional learning and development
  • gain valuable work-based skills.

You can access training at no financial cost to you. You can earn a competitive market salary and gain a professional qualification.

Benefits of an apprenticeship

The benefits of doing an apprenticeship include:

  • Gaining a qualification while earning a salary
  • Having your training fully funded with no financial cost to you
  • Taking the first step onto a career path or gaining a qualification that reflects your existing experience or helps you to move up the ladder
  • Enhanced possible future potential and career development
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • The opportunity to do more than one apprenticeship as your career progresses
  • Potential training up to degree level
  • Support at every stage of the journey

Where could an apprenticeship potentially lead me within the council?

Your apprentice journey could look like this as you build a career with us.

Apprenticeships at East Sussex County Council flyer [92.7 KB] [docx]

Types of apprenticeships

If you see a job that you like the look of, but do not already have the qualifications necessary, consider asking the recruiter “could this role be an apprenticeship?” and discussing whether this could be a viable option.

What other types of apprenticeships are available?

Not sure which apprenticeship to go for? For inspiration, take a look at the wide range of apprenticeships listed here:

From digital marketing to management, accountancy to hospitality, childcare to construction. Apprenticeship search / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

There are many different types of apprenticeships available in all sorts of areas. Find out more by calling: 0800 0150 400 or visiting Apprenticeships – GOV.UK.

If you are aged 16 to 19 and need further support, please contact:

The East Sussex Youth Employability Service (YES)  01323 410803 or 01424 722045, or message them at facebook.com/yeseastsussex.

Apprenticeship support

You will get support from:

  • line managers and colleagues
  • training providers
  • a clear schedule of learning
  • paid time away from daily duties of the role to concentrate on apprenticeship training
  • mentoring
  • a dedicated Apprenticeship Team

What are the requirements for completing an apprenticeship?

You will need to either already have or gain qualifications in English and Maths. 

Anyone that needs to do that will get additional support from the councils Libraries Services for free. If you have not applied for a role or apprenticeship at East Sussex County Council but would like to gain these qualifications, you can!

Just follow the link: Learning Services | East Sussex Libraries (spydus.co.uk)


To find out more, email our Apprenticeship team.